Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seattle fun...

Pike Street Market, yeah, good times... we brought Matthew Brodirick with us.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Boy

I went into bellevue today, to follow up with my new job, and see some friends during their lunch break. Then my narcissistic best friend calls me and tells me we are going to skate at mercer island park when he gets off work.

...the boy gets off work and calls me to say "Hey, I'm going to trade in my 360 for a PS3, then go skating"

Alright, alright, strange gaming priorities, but I bite my tongue about that matter, and we agree to meet at mercer at 7:00.

He calls me at 6:30. "I'm going to stay at home and play MGS4, cya later"

...I bit my tongue once more, and skated until my calves got all knotted, then I skated some more.

Upon returning to the house to see the boy play his shiny new PS3, that clearly outweighs his best friends, I decide to get my prioritize straight, and run some laundry... and go skate some more.

After about 30 minutes of curb slappys etc in the QFC parking lot, an international man stops to talk to me. Miguel spoke pretty good english when he imposed his demonstration requests. I flicked a few things around on the skateboard. He was kind of excitable, since he used to skate himself. When I asked him why he stopped participating in gods sport, he said he had to much work to do... oh, ok. What are you trying say? That is of course my first thought for a millesecond.

The Miguel told me he was motivated to start it up again. I gave him my digits and told him to ring me whenever he wants to skate. Skate pals are far and few between. I'm pretty busy myself, and I can't really network with these summer hoody high school students who think their heart is in the sport.

Upon climbing the stairs the apartment, only to eventually sit and watch the boy play on his new best friend, Ken, the neighbor, called me to come over and share a cigar, a burger, and a beer, and watch Practical Magic in the most heterosexual way two men can enjoy a chick flick. It was good times, with a friend who can enjoy the best things in life... and I'm not talking about the contraband and the sorry excuse for a tear jerker... Ken has aspergers, and he is a lot more fun to be around than the boy.

For the "too long didn't read " people...

I don't condone the behavior of putting trivial electronics before friends. ...then again, I gave my number to a man fresh off of the banana boat, and watched a chick flick with another man. Their are more important things to be concerned about.

/Pessimus Prime rant